Week 2 – Day 3

Yesh! I took almost 20min off my Aphrodite i did it really slow the first time never the less 🙂 was working on my breath while doing burpees and helped alot :O so its a tip to you out there 🙂
Aphrodite PB * 34:58
And did the 50 Burpees in the first 5 minutes so i know i can make a PB Max Burpees 🙂

*Later update

So had to take my Max Burpees today also else i cant get my weekly program done cause i have to much to do in the weekend i did a PB YAY! and even better than the first burpees in Aphrodite today so thumbs up!

Did 54 in Max Burpees its okay for second week and still its a PB 🙂

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